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前言,Lou Adler(可在linkedin.com查到)是个招聘老手,他“基于绩效”的招聘理念一直吸引着我。



"Maximizing personalgrowth and job satisfaction in the short term will maximize compensation in thelong term."


In 1998 I took a snapshot of the hiringprocess used at most companies. (It was a special camera.) The image shown wasdrawn in 1998. Does it look familiar to what's going on today? Since things inHR move in slow motion, I’ve decided to take a picture of the hiring landscape10 years into the future. I’m pretty sure I’ll be retired by then, so I’ll usethis post to reminisce about the future that could be.

1.      人才,就是商业战略的一部分,不再仅是束之高阁的使命宣言。领导层终将明白,如果优秀人才的招聘事关重大,那hiring manager的考核也会和人才招聘挂钩。

Talent becomes a business strategy, not just a mission statement. Company leaderswill finally realize that if hiring great people is the most important thinghiring managers need to do, they’ll actually be measured on how well they doit.

2.     为技能是从的职位说明书会被淘汰。技能、学历、经验三驾马车根本无法预判实际工作绩效。落到实处,在实际工作中,才能检验候选人是否胜任?是否有干劲儿?才能检验他们真实的技能、经验,岗位的学历要求。这种转变会让招聘渠道更加宽阔,因此在年龄、种族、性别、体力上留有更大的余地。

The elimination of skills-infested job descriptions. Skills, academicsand experiences don’t predict on-the-job performance. By proving thatcandidates are competent and motivated to do the actual work required under theactual circumstance, you’ll discover they have the exact level of skills,experiences and academics required. This shift will also open the pool ofprospects to diverse candidates of all types regardless of age, race, gender orphysical challenges. (Here'sa legal brief you can download describing this process as notonly superior, but more legally defensible.)

3.     基于绩效的筛选得到广泛认可。那种用“关键词”匹配人才一去不复返,将来可能会有人工智能的方式,根据候选人过往的绩效表现来做出评判。任何人,只要之前的绩效是可以衡量的,都有机会拿到面试“门票”。于是乎,来自不同行业,甚而如转业军人等特种行业的顶级人才,分分钟都能来参与职位竞争。那么这种比较,会是由职位复杂度、决策的种类、隐性的商业环境、职位压力、组织结构及复杂程度和团队幅度等组成。

Performance-based matching becomes fully effective. Rather thanmatching people on key words, the ability to use artificial intelligence tomatch a person based on their past performance becomes available. This allowsanyone who has a track record of comparable accomplishments to be considered.This will instantly open the door to more top candidates in differentindustries, including and especially, returning military veterans.Comparability will be based on job complexity, types of decisions made,underlying business conditions and job pressures, organizational structure andsophistication, and breadth of team responsibility.

4.      公司会意识到顶级人才对“横向调动”根本不屑一顾。很明显,好的人才,要提供给他一样好的成长空间。对职位需求,传统的职位说明书即将入土,取而代之的是讲一个候选人能做什么、会做成什么的故事,而非技能、技能、技能。请看案例。

Companies finally realize that the best people are not interestedin lateral transfers. It’s pretty obvious that if a company wants to hire agreat person, they need to offer a great career opportunity. The posting oftraditional job descriptions will be banned as archaic, and recruitmentadvertising will be story-based, emphasizing what the person can do, learn andbecome, not the skills they must have. Here’s a sample of this type offuturistic ad we used for a real job.



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5.      活跃候选人将能被自动匹配到职位机会上。候选人如果在找工作,必有大量的蛛丝马迹“暴露”出来。举例来说,他们会买这本《跳槽秘籍》或看这段视频,他们会更新Linkedin的资料并在上面拓展人脉,他们还会参加更多的行业活动,还会在百度上搜职位空缺,会上“分智网”查薪水。值得注意的是,候选人的linkedin页面是对外的,只要时机合适,给他们在linkedin上直接推介职位是轻而易举的。比平跳好一点,他们对职位信息都是有回音的。

Auto-engage high probability prospects with career opportunities. People give lotsof clues whenever they’re thinking of switching jobs. For example, they buy this book on job-huntingsecrets or watch this video, they update their LinkedIn profile,they expand their professional network, they attend more industry events, theyGoogle for jobs to see what’s available, and they check out salary.com. Sincetheir LinkedIn profile is public, it’s pretty easy to push jobs directly tothese people when these job-hunting activities reach a certain level. They’llactually respond if these jobs represent career moves, not lateral transfers.

6.      候选人评估准确度走出原始社会,翻开新篇章。新的评估工具的涌现,会使得胜任能力模型和行为面试销声匿迹。这些工具之所以被淘汰,是因其太倚靠经验导向的职位说明书来招聘。我认为基于绩效的面试、“取证式”的客观评估、人才平衡计分卡、职位区间分析以及人工智能评估等手段会走俏。
Assessment accuracy emerges from the dark ages. Competency modelsand behavioral interviewing will be tossed out as far better tools emerge.These outdated tools are as bad as relying on the continued use ofskills-infested job descriptions to attract people. I’m going with Performance-based Interviewing, objective evidence-basedassessments using talent scorecards, Career Zone analysis, and AI-based fitassessments.

7.      人力将成为公司致力增值的资产,而非努力控制的成本。有实力的公有或私有数据库(类似linkedin)能用来描述人才的绩效及潜力。新的职位出现后,公司旋即能快速定位到自己现有或离职员工里谁最匹配?这也能使公司更好利用自己的人力资本。

People will become an investment to be nurtured, not a cost to becontrolled
. Robust public and private knowledge databases willbe available (think LinkedIn on steroids), that fully describe a person’s performanceand potential. As new jobs open up, companies will be able to instantly targettheir current and former employees who are best suited for these roles. Thiswill enable a company to finally leverage its human capital.


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